Our Team

Our Team

The Angels of Mercy team consists of Jeanne Black, Founder and Clinic Director; Jeff Black, Executive Director; Dr. George McBeath, Medical Director; Dr. Monique Sessler, Collaborating Physician; Dr. Ron Jolda, Dr. David Barley, Dr. Laureen Waldron; Beverley Smith, RN, Diabetes Educator; Cathy Sheedy, RN; and three part time Medical Assistants. We also have between 11 and 15 William & Mary Pre Med Students serving as volunteer Health Coaches.

Our Board of Directors consists of:

Board of Directors Members:

  • Robin Barrett Blesdoe
  • Jim Elder
  • Rick Garfield
  • Maggie Gray
  • Barbara Machinist
  • Benjamin Machinist
  • John Raines
  • Kathy Shields, Secretary
  • Muriel Slaughter, Treasurer
  • Kristina Szurkus
  • Bill Teale, Board Chair
  • Donna Wilmoth

W & M Board Member:

  • Callie Beard

Advisory Member:

  • Mark Kintner

Clinic Staff:

  • Jeanne Black, Clinic Director
  • Jeff Black, Executive Director
  • Allison Lenthall, Development